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At duis farms, we are proud to have a herd of some of the best Shorthorn Donors in the industry. If you would like any additional information about these maternal giants, call us at 815-278-1065 if you have any questions.
    Diamond Helena Dottie 12H

Sire: River Ridge Elite 38E
Dam: Diamond Della Dottie 43D

Dam of DF Waco and DF Dallas

  Lily 504L

Sire: Sonny
Dam: Wynonna 9006 Donor
  DF GF Lily 102R

Sire: DF Casper 236 TP
DAM: Lily 504L
  REK Golden Polka 2K01

Sire: Gold Spear
Dam: REK Golden Polka

Dam of DF Sundowner 6S
  Robjoy ARH Lora NL 013

Sire: DPH No LImits
DAm: Robjoy's 2B Lora
  Miss Red Hot 3n

Sire: Sonny
DAm: Celine 2K
  WHR Poppin Girl 2r01

Sire: Sonny
Dam: GF Poppin Lady 702

Dam of DF Tuscaloosa and DF Talladega

    GCC Roan Sue 863

Sire: 4D Double Vision
Dam: CF Roan Sue 644 TP

Need more information? Please contact us with any questions you may have about the Duis Farms Cattle, and we will be happy to help however we can. Visitors are welcome, give us a call at 815-278-1065 to set up your appointment time!
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